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We Believe that...

Travel is the greatest educator

Travel broadens perspectives

Travel changes people

Latest News

Roswell High School Band from Roswell, GA is heading to Spain for New Year's 2024!!! Roswell will march in Cabalgata: The Three Kings Parade and explore everything the Spanish culture has to offer. 

CounterPoint is excited to partner with Roswell High School and to help them bring this trip to life for their students! 

All of these values are best achieved when experienced in youth, in a group, interacting with people of other, diverse cultures. Of these points, CounterPoint passionately believes.


Concert Tours

Do you envision your musicians on a trip of a lifetime, one that will show them the world and showcase their musical achievements, all the while filled with joyful life-changing experiences?

Our commitment is to provide the best in concert tour planning, development, and execution.

Each adventure is individually and personally developed just for your ensemble, promising enriching experiences and unparalleled service, and is hosted onsite by the CounterPoint team.

CounterPoint takes on tour development eagerly and seriously, spending much time in travel throughout the world building relationships solely to make your journey truly special and unique.

Cochem Castle

What we provide...

  • Recommending travel itineraries and performance locations or helping you further develop your own ideas

  • Consulting with you along every step of your path

  • Securing your performance locations

  • Providing your air travel

  • Arranging and hosting an educative, entertaining, and memorable travel program for all your participants

  • Providing all of your ground arrangements on-site

  • Assisting with on-site equipment rentals

  • Introducing you to local musicians for collaborative performances

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