CounterPoint provides group tours to any international or domestic location. Below are sample locations.


Paris, france

The City of Lights” one of the most visited cities in our world, and for good reason!  The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de’ Triomphe, the River Seine, the pastries!  Additional to the glitter of the city, you may enjoy the pastoral peace of Normandy, where you find history in vividness at the Normandy American Cemetery and be inspired through a quiet and evocative commemoration.

Salzburg, Austria

Known as the "Stage of the World", Salzburg is home of the master, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as well as the setting for many of the scenes in "The Sound of Music". Walk the old city, the "Altstadt", along the same paths as Mozart, much of which is unchanged since those times.


Vienna, Austria

The Imperial City. The former home of the Hapsburg Empire, traditional Vienna is today a vibrant progressive city remaining in touch with its privileged and cultured past.


Munich, Germany

The capitol of Bavaria. The German Alps being only a short drive away, Munich is the destination of choice for visiting this wonderland area of Europe.

Garmisch, Germany

The lovely Bavarian village with some serious Alps-gazing at your fingertips, with the Mighty Zugspitze (the tallest of the Bavarian Alps) looming and keeping watch over Richard Strauss’ home town.  Spring in Bavaria is special and is on display at the Kurpark, an outdoor performance pavilion and floral garden.  Be mesmerized in watching the hang-gliders float against the bluest blue sky you’ll ever see (or fly yourself!) or ascend the submit of the Zugspitze to view the glacier ski-fields (or ski them yourself!)

Prague, Czech Republic

The beautiful, historical city in central Bohemia. Lying in the heart of Europe, Prague is enjoying a renaissance and is a favored trendy destination.

Rome, Italy

The Eternal City. The Vatican, the Coliseum, the Forum, the fountains, the food, the gelato! Everyone should aspire to visiting Rome for la dolce vita.

Florence, Italy

The art center of our world. The timeliness of Michelangelo's David, the stunning art array in the Uffizi, the magnificence of the Duomo and the Dome of Brunelleschi. The Florence of the Medici is truly one of our foremost wonders.

Barcelona, Spain

The capital of Spain’s Catalonia region. A trendy art and architectural destination. A city flavored with the art of Antoni Gaudi, the staggering Sagrada Familia and the fanciful Park Guell.

Madrid, Spain

Spanish elegance is the spirit of Madrid, the soul of Spain -- the Prado Museum housing works of the masters Goya, Velazquez, as well as others.  The city is well positioned for easy forays into Andalusia and the splendid legacies – the Alcazar in Seville and Granada’s Alhambra.

Dublin, Ireland

Wear your green for St. Patricks Day! 

You'll have the 'luck of the Irish' with you as you visit Dublin for one of the world's great events, St. Patrick's Day, or at any other time for that matter. Just remember to wear your green. Whether the city or the beauty and serenity of the countryside, Ireland never fails in a seduction of the senses.